Things Surely Change

Man oh man do I feel a big burden lifted this morning. This is not a fun season for me. Taxes (and other peoples taxes) produce a lot of work for me with zero revenue.

Second, this is my personal audit season that I have come to dread. The audit was yesterday and it went well with the diligent help of my assistant.

Taxes are still around until April 15, but I feel some relief now.

I learned this morning that my beloved Google Reader will be discontinued July 1. This is huge for me and countless nerds around the world. Reader is how we view the Internet. My Google reader commands my first hour of each morning for many years now. It is my newspaper custom designed by me and for me and it is going away.

Happy times and changing times.


Ken said...

We'll be sending a record amount of revenue to "they" they demand, but not until the very last minute!

As a matter of fact do "you" know the last possible time or grace period limit to send in a check?

Unknown said...

Well, you've still got your wrinkly hands.