Trailer Update

I got a few hours to work in the trailer until a freakish snow storm blew in.

The tongue boards are bolted down.

Then I began the complex wiring of the trailer lights.

Don't try this at home unless you have minutes of training like myself.

My over seer looks on.

The final wiring on each side and I should be good to go.

This trailer should be dandy for diving gear, tailgate gear, hauling the porta bote, or as a tag along for Gigi to take behind her 4Runner on extended camping trips.

Next the sides go to staining and a top out. I will have removable ends at the front and back to take advantage of the entire length.


Unknown said...

Won't you come out and repair my things? Ken said he'd pitch in fifty bucks to cover travel expenses.

terri said...

Impressive the way you can take an old broken down thing and make it better than new again.

Ken said...

That is, some really fancy tape work there Reg. Good job.