A Fun Sunday

We mainly napped and did little chores. It was a cold peaceful day.

I found my dive shot on the web site from my last visit. Happy times. I remember that dive.

I listed my underwater camera on eBay. I want a Gopro. The Gopro is so much smaller and more powerful.

I listed my Spare Air on eBay. This is just 3 cubic feet and I now carry a much larger backup air at 30 cubic feet. If I sell both of these items I think I will have enough money to buy the Gopro and a head mount.

I properly labeled my cylinders. That is the newer backup on the left. My big steel tank on the right. I dove Hatteras this past summer. It is a lot of air.

I picked up a load of grain and hay. Horses and hens are so much a part of my life. I don't ride, but I love their presence. I don't ride chickens either, but like the eggs and hero worship.

Its about time to pay the hay bill. He stores the hay after he cuts it. I just pick up 6 or 8 bales and mark it down on my tab. It is the honor system.

YouTube Video

I almost forgot. I finally put together this fancy add-on to my rotisserie. I see endless possibilities but mainly increased wing output.


Ken said...

I remember that rusty old tractor bucket. I was thinking about how much extra cash in steel poundage was laying around that day. at the hay trailer.

Unknown said...

I ride my chickens but lately I've gotten saddle sores.