I am taking today off and headed to the coast in the camper for some R&R. The sequester has worn me down such that I need time away from the throttle back of govco services that sprinkled upon my undeserving soul.

Camping takes me back to the basics and grounds me. Here I sit in front of the electric fireplace typing on my Internet machine, and thinking about foraging...walking over to Hardees to get two of the gold standard country ham biscuits for me and the mrs.

Then it will be man vs the heavens above, as I attempt to aim and lock in on a tiny satellite 25,000 miles above, so that I can watch March Madness like my ancestors did.

Oh it will be a fun weekend.


Unknown said...

Don't attempt to visit the White House, whatever you do.

terri said...

You sure know how to rough it!