Food and Logistics

Payday, Snickers, Moon Pies, M&Ms, peanuts, potato chips, cheese crackers with peanut butter, egg salad sandwich, pimento cheese sandwich, BBQ sandwich, roast chicken sandwich, chicken wrap sandwich, fruits, ice tea, cola, diet cola, beer, lite beer, imported beer. That is the menu.

Beer is $3. A Sandwich is $1.50. Food and beverage are cheap and good.

The Bathrooms.

This is an art. Guys are full of beer with full bladders and are coming in hot like a shot up plane comes into an aircraft carrier. We need relief and we need it fast.

One steps into a line that is maybe 120 feet long. Suddenly you realize it moves quickly. Before you know it you are entering a state of the art male bathroom facility.

Two rows of opposing facilities are presented with pee traffic control agents on both lanes. They star barking vacancies and directing "patrons" to vacant slots. Cleaning staff stands all around so the room is clean and spotless.

The place smells good and one gets immediate relief.

On the way out one holds their hands under a sanitizer sprayer and one is back in business.

The NFL could learn from this.

Location:The Masters


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The women's facilities can't possibly be as efficient. But I'm curious.