Good Times

Looking like good times ahead.

I love grilling. I am even taking a griddle that fits on my grill. I have my pool, backup electricity, little red wagon, cooler, and chairs.

Good times are surely to follow.

If you guess where I am going you will win a virtual hot dog.


Ken said...

I think I know where your going but I'm not so sure your offer of that hot dog sounds sincere enough. I'll keep my guess to myself, I have some hot dogs here if I get a hankerin' for one.

Unknown said...

I would guess if there was some form of assurance that the hotdog being offered, though virtual, was FREE.

For it must be a FREE hotdog.


terri said...

You didn't say that we had to guess CORRECTLY! So I could guess that you are going to Alaska and I should win that virtual hot dog, right? Does it come with ketchup and mustard? I like some chopped raw onions on mine too, please.