This is Interesting

My injury continues to progress daily and I find the whole experience fascinating. I guess I can say that because I am looking from a prospective where I expect a repair and good recovery.

I use a cane to take weight off my right leg. It is necessary otherwise I would double over in pain when I walk.

The meds help dealing, but the mind does its own tricks to cope.

The pain changes location throughout the day and it changes from a burning, to stabbing, to just old throbbing with no movement.

I went grocery shopping and was tempted to use the electric scooter. I managed just fine but it was exhausting.

One of the biggest insights is how pain consumes so much energy both physically and emotionally. I have a greater appreciation for the journey my wife has traveled.


Unknown said...

I bet the carts are fun.

terri said...

I don't know many people who could suffer the kind of pain you're in and find the lesson and the bright side in it all. (Me included.)

Ken said...

Curious, what color is it?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Rust to battleship gray.