Here's The Deal

I visited the spine doctor after I reached the point of barely being able to walk. The pain is excruciating.

The doctor thinks it is a pinched nerve in L1/S1 and it caused all kinds of pain in my right leg and buttocks. Killer fanny pain I tell ya.

For two days I have been taking a delightful pain cocktail that produces a pleasant medical buzz and relieves pain to the point that I can walk.

Even more impressive I have been taking steroids that is reducing inflammation. Overall I am better able to tolerate.

Today I will lie low and stay in the bed.

A major side effect of this all is I can smell like anyone else. I have a very dull sense of smell but something I am taking is making this sense keen again. I smell dogs, cats, chickens, horses, is amazing. I am taking it all in.

Last night I had an MRI and will have the results Friday at 2.

Meanwhile, my activity is on hold. Move less and I don't hurt. Move much and I do hurt.

Watching Masterpiece Theater with the Mrs. ESPN or NFL channel didn't make the cut.


Unknown said...

Dear wReggie:
Please get better soon.
Your cyber-pal P.Bondo.

Ken said...


Rock Chef said...

Hope you are back to normal soon - except, maybe, the sense of smell - I assume you are enjoying the new sensations?

terri said...

That's amazing that your sense of smell has improved with the meds. The pain sounds awful. So sorry that you're feeling so miserable. I hope things improve soon.