Sports Injury

I found out today that what I attributed to a mild sports injury is in fact a bulging disc.

Think back two weeks ago....harp music playing....I was set to go to The Masters, and reached down to pick up a beer cooler, when I felt a snap...and some pain. That qualified as a sports injury for sure.

Two weeks later I am worse. So I get an X-ray this morning and low and behold my soon to be 57 year old L5/S1 is about worn out. Actually this is typical for a geezer my age.

But my constant activity has aggravated the area and cause major pain in my ass...literally.

I had a few adjustments and was told I needed inactivity, rest, and keep my back straight. This should allow the inflammation to subside.

Ain't I pitiful?


Ken said...

Bulging Frisbee's is nothing to shake a stick at. It's like the universal joint starting to go on your drive-shaft. Be careful man!

Unknown said...

I would listen to Ken.

He is wise beyond his years, which are conciderable.

terri said...

Ouch! I know how hard it is for you to sit still, but you should. Hope you feel better soon.