The Science of Tailgate

During the offseason I think a lot about tailgating and food ideas and food prep.

The underlying theme is I want food fresh off the grill. The exception would be an item like BBQ that takes 14 hours. I that case I try and keep it hot until serving.

So the issue that has been burning in my soul lately is how can I increase wing production and not sacrifice quality or taste. I think I have figured it out.

The way I cook mine is to season them in garlic olive oil and add seasoning or a rub. Then each wing is seared, then set aside to smoke for about 40 minutes at 300 degrees.

The searing part is very labor intensive but necessary. How can I do this faster?

Then I literally run out of grill real-estate once I have seared 10 pounds of wings. On big game days we will blow through 10 pounds in no time. How do I get more real-estate?

Yesterday I bought a small propane powered blow torch. You see where I'm going with this. Image 3 racks full of up to 20 pounds of wings ready to be seared. I blow torch the bitches to get and efficient and fast sear. I think this could work.

The I drop three racks of wings in my smoker, not the grill. The smoker should give the capacity I need.

I should end up with seared and hot smoked wing in the same time with twice the production.

Experimental cooking begins today.


Rock Chef said...

Photos of the results please!

Unknown said...

BlowTorch Bitches would be a good name for a band.