ready to rumble

I got all my pre-op done today so all is go for a 5 AM arrival to the hospital Wednesday morning.

Last night I didn't sleep more than 3 hours. I guess nerves set in because I have watched the procedure on Youtube a few times.

It is not a big deal if it's not me. However, real surgery always looks messy, bloody, and traumatic.

Yesterday I had a few doubts because I was moving pretty well. A few minutes later, mid step, I doubled over in pain out of now where.

Another thing I am learning is sometimes I get great pain relief from pain pills, and others times they are duds. When I get the right pill at the right time I feel human again.

So, I am ready for this to be over.


Unknown said...

good luck, see you after the pain is gone....

Ken said...

Good luck Reggie.