My Mellow Has Been Harshed

It has been a rather stressful week for me. Tax week always leaves me mentally exhausted not only for my own taxes, but the stress of providing tax information on the fly for others trying to meet the deadline. 

This coming off Masters weekend which is physically exhausting, and the end of NBA season adds a bit of "I don't give a shit" to the whole mix.

Currently outside we have about 1/3 inch of packed powder pollen with dangling canker worms that will bite, the little bastards.  

And so, a very long weekend was planned for some R and R with the Mrs. and the kids via the travel trailer and Jekyll Island.

About an hour out under full load with the trailer in tow that I knew something was bad wrong with the truck. It turns out that after 299,295 miles of faithful service, the old transmission gave up the ghost.

Ouch! That is in the upper $3000's and close to $4,000 for a new one.  Damn that is real money.

Fortunately we managed to bring the rig back into port with a very bad "cooked" tranny.

Today, the Jeep gets a needed spring cleaning cause I need something to drive.  

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Ken said...

That's a pretty big harsh! I went with a cheapo re-manufactured and had a cheapo shop do it. Twas good enough!

Unknown said...

The word "transmission" is synonymous with "dollars flying out of the wallet".

It's the American Way.

Rock Chef said...

Hm, maybe you can get a deal on the transmission?