Like any good sports venue, there comes a time when it is necessary for upgrades. My screenroom is one year old and very outdated by most NFL standards. So, I decided to do some upgrades. I do hope the state and city will kick in a few hundred dollars like the big guys do when they upgarde a stadium.

What we have now are new air handlers up front to keep the breeze going during the warm preseason. This is in addition to the overhead ceiling fan and the propane heater installed last winter. Truly state of the art.

Also notice the curtains on the driveway side. This will provide privacy from unexpected guests.


Ken said...

OK OK it is nice....but have you stopped for a moment and realized that you might be going a tiny, tiny, ever so slightly bit OVER THE TOP outfitting your deck pad?

I didn't think so....carry on!!

Unknown said...

Will there be salamis?