363 to 721.5 Tailgate Think Tank

What do I do in the winter? I innovate. Capacity baby!

For me to sear/smoke 10 pounds of wings at a tailgate, which is a big Costco bag, it takes me two dedicated 22 inch grills.

Half of that space is utilized because the other half is the charcoal fire to create an indirect/baking effect after searing. The current setup gives me enough room to do one 10 pound batch at a time. Wings take and hour, and time is precious pre-game. I need those wing grills to cook the main meat after the wings. So a second batch of wings is no option.

Many times with large crowds, we run short of wings. I needed more capacity without more grills.

I happen to have an 18.5 inch Weber Smokey Mountain which comes stock with two 18 inch round racks.

Reasoning, I bought a third rack and added legs for three racks. Three racks gives me twice the capacity of 1/2 of two larger racks. I think I can do 20 pounds at a time now. Perhaps different favors on each rack. All smoked and tender. (I'm drooling now) That is a lot of wings my friend.

The proving grounds will be June 8. I will attempt a wReggie wRecord of 20 pounds of wings at one time at the quarry.

One grill and one smoker instead of two grills and more capacity. The same footprint and more capacity. I love it.



Ken said...

Just imagine the money you could make as a street-vendor.

The Wing Man!

Unknown said...

When you say "wings", do you mean drumettes? or the other, two-bone part? or the whole wing? with the tip?

I wanna know.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Any part from a wing. I buy drumetts and the flapper already cut to reduce prep time. No tips....let someone else make stock. So, two pieces from each wing.

Cutting wings in my volume is a task and hurts my hands after a while.

I find that precut wing are mor tender because more surface is exposed in the smoking and cooking. Also more surface exposed to all the good rubs and favors.