Cripple Upgrades

Now that I am old, spent, and cripple, the mind comes into play. Check out this hydronic lift that I will mount to my old 5th wheel mount in my truck bed.

Scuba tanks, grills, generators, camping equipment may take a bit longer to load but they'll never get my back again.

I should have done this years ago. I may attach a come along for hay to drag it on the bed of the truck.


Ken said...

I don't like this, it's wussy.

You'll be just fine lifting smarter, now that you know!!!!!

Unknown said...

Ken's wrong.

Hydraulics a manly.

Don't get a pink one, however.

Ken said...

Phfankie, bottle jacks are not manly.

Now if he got a PTO hook-up on his truck, then folks would imagine the lifting of truly heavy things like engine blocks, large landscaping rocks and full pallets of critter feed. Wouldn't matter if it was pink seeing how he does have a pink air tank...hmmm?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Actually my transmission has a PTO port adapter which is unusual. I never bought the kit. The new transmission has the port too.

No, in my world this is quite manly.