The old back felt a little fragile today so I stayed at home and took it easy.

About 10 AM I got a delivery from the John Deere dealer. No, not something new, but a refurbishment of my 10 old plus lawn tractor. It is one of those orange Home Depot, Scott's Tractor brand, but built by Deere.

It had been in the shop about three weeks getting virtually new deck gearing, blades, belts, tires sealed, complete service and tune up. I swear it looks new......but better.

Then I could no longer resist. A few days ago I took deliver of this truck lift. It looks well made and functional. I clipped it together with pins and it was ready in minutes.

The problem will be to get this bolted to the frame where there is no frame. So I'm going to have an extension welded and the base installed by my mechanic.

Gotta take care of your shit, and your back.


Ken said...

We all knew you'd buy it! Good for you.
Can you handle that Tennessee color or will go Rasta?