Geezer Proofing

I continue to geezer proof the place. This time I bought a four wheeled yard cart...better that a wheel barrow for general moving stuff. Check it out.

Easy on the back and easy to pull with those inflated tires.

The sides swing down when I need an flat bed.

It can be easily converted to fit my yard tractor.

Plus I can bring stuff to and from my truck like grain, hay, and scuba tank and lift it with the soon to be installed truck bed lift. Gonna strap a 2000 winch on that lift too. It is on order.

Yes sir, that are many ways to accommodate a bad back.


Ken said...

....and when your all healed 100% you can get in it and ride it down to the mailbox. How cool would THAT be on video!!!!!!!!

terri said...

You are the king of useful stuff!