I Can't Clean

The dog pool is up for the season. God the dogs love to lay and play in this pool.

I can no longer pick up the edge and dump it.....so....I siphoned it yesterday, cleaned it gently with a string mop instead of scrubbing on all fours, and filled it again with minimal stress on my back. I'm learning to protect my spine.

I siphoned the water off the jeep tarp too. Usually I would just muscle the water to the edge and create a giant waterfall. Saved by back again.

My old golf cart has been pulled from the well house and is being converted into a small hauler for stuff around the yard like spray tanks, scuba tanks, coolers, camping stuff, etc. More attempts at reasoning with my back.

I may try and mount the pressure washer on the cart soon to blast off the deck and patio.


Ken said...

JMHO You should be letting all that sit......fix it when your better.

terri said...

I think we all take our backs for granted until something happens like what happened to you. I'm going to start being more careful.

Lucy has a pool like your dogs' pool. It's not quite warm enough here yet to fill it up.