What a Difference a Month Makes

I've been in bed coming up on a month. Every time I attempt activity, the pain knocks me back in bed. Activity is defined as not being in bed and walking modestly....about 5 minutes slow walk to the barn and back.

I am on my 4th round of strong steroids with all the side effects of puffiness, sweats, jumpiness, sleeplessness, buzz head, etc.

Yesterday and this morning I feel better. There is very little pain and I am going out to eat breakfast with friends. I am thrilled with anticipation of shredded hash browns.

I hope for the best and know I am healing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be down this long.

There is a long recovery period yet getting back to my active lifestyle. I day dream of diving and being the independent person I was. I know it is coming back.


Ken said...

Get back to bed!!!!!!

Unknown said...

You better be having onions in those hashbrowns.