My Old Pal

My old pal, the big red truck turned 300,000 miles today. A milestone.

I have towed tons of RVs down the road, dogs loaded on camping trips, week after week of tailgating off this truck, scuba off this truck, hay and grain off this old friend, I have towed a few horses, made many trips on business, towed my Jeep behind, and used the tailgate as my yard work bench for 13 years.

The old boy got a new transmission a few weeks ago so I am keeping him a few more years at least.

I have always done the required maintenance and replaced anything that is broken. It has never been wrecked.

Overall a fine purchase in 2000 with no regrets.


Ken said...

Standing while applauding loudly!!!!!


That's a great attitude missing these days, to not recycle the work of so many of the American working class (they were union though), so they were over paid, right? Use it till it dies, really dies!

You should be proud!

Unknown said...

What Ken said!

I liken your attitude to the baseball player who plays his entire career with one team.

What Ken said!

(except the rant part, which I may or may not agree with but I feel has no business in this post.)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

He is so confused. I put hard working union Americans out of work holding on to this truck.

Ken said...

Oh!!!! That's why you kept it!

terri said...

I don't think a vehicle would make it that long around here. The engine might hold up but the body would be rusting and falling apart by then because of all the snow and the salt that is put on the roads to melt the snow and ice.