Good News - Very Affordable Healthcare

I have met my $6,000 yearly medical deductible.

$18,000 for the surgery and hospital, and $2,770 for the MRI did me in.

Not bad for 70 days. From now until March 1, 2014 everything is free after I pay $1400 a month in healthcare premiums.

$22,800 a year for healthcare at group rates. I hear my costs will soar neat year when Obamacare kicks in 100%.

People are going to absolutely shit next year when you have to buy this stuff or have the IRS take from you.


Ken said...

But millions, and more, of the hard working Americans that could never in a million years afford $1400 a month and a $6000 deductible WILL have some affordable healthcare if they need it! I think some people need to get out more and shimmy up and get to know more of the majority of low paid hard working AMERICANS, and not dwell so much on the fewer that are looking for the free ride. People begging and living in the streets trying to raise a family will not be a pretty sight for the American way!

Reggie Hunnicutt said... if they work hard they deserve it. Who measures hard work vs productive work. i'm working hard now but ain't producing shit. i'm working hgard to get to the toilet. Do i deserve more? People are being trained for a free ride....come on.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Just for fun and giggles....I am a shitty carpenter/craftsman. You are an accomplished and talented boat wright craftsman. Would you remodel my kitchen for 25 cents on the dollar because I suck? It is only fair. Share your riches and demand nothing from me please.

Please call my cell if you are willing, It would are, you feel good, and I would feel good too.

Ken said...

If I call might not be fun and giggles.

But I will!

Ken said...

OK buddy....I called twice....

Come on, I want to ream you a new insurance policy....(you know I'm kidding)

Unknown said...

...and I have pee pee on my toe.