Let The Healing Begin!

I think I am cured or at least on the road to full recovery.

I am at home, and am resting per doctors orders. They say 6 weeks of light duty with no compromise, and no lifting over 5 pounds. Frequent short walks are the key now.

The surgery was necessary. I could barely walk in on my own power on Wednesday. Now, there is zero pain in my leg, and only some dull pain from bone chipping and the incision site.

The surgeon reported major compression of the spinal column so the MRI was accurate.

I plan to rest next week and ease on back into a light work schedule after the 6th of May.


Unknown said...

Will there be wine?

Ken said...

slow and easy

Ken said...

Let me try to brighten your healing days


terri said...

I'm impressed with how quickly you are bouncing back. I know it will be an effort to take it easy but I'm sure you'll have no problem taking those short walks.