I'm coming back to life

Slowly the steroids are doing their trick and I have had three days of relatively pain free heaven.

I am staying off my feet and only venture to feed the horses.

The horses insist on my cooking, and the chickens are no trouble either. Twice a day I do this.

Today I ventured out and bought a scuba cylinder from Craig's List.

It is a dandy 80 aluminum cylinder that needs testing and cleaning before I'll breathe from it. It was a steal at $75. Otherwise if it fails it will make a nice lamp base for my screen room.

I simply drove to he meeting place and exchanged money and he loaded the cylinder.


Unknown said...

Do you cook hotdogs for the horses?

Rock Chef said...

I don't remember seeing horse photos before - can we have some more?

Glad you are getting about a bit again!

terri said...

Glad to hear you're returning to good health... albeit slowly.