Day of Fog

Chalk down May 1 as a day of fog. Keep in mind I am writing this at 4 AM on a morphine pump so I'm sure things will get worse pain wise once that comes off.

We arrived early around 5AM for surgery. My pain was steady so I knew something was getting progressively worse.

Before long I was set up with an IV and being briefed by the ER Nurse, Surgeon, Anesthesiologist and such. Soon I was given a cocktail to relax me and that is the last thing I remember. Nice in retrospect.

I woke up not in horrible pain like I expected, and I was aware of what had happened. My leg pain was gone and my back hurt a bit but all in all so far, so good. My mind was a fog of pain drugs.

I wasn't nauseated however my body and face were, and are very bloated.

Soon I was moved to a room and met with Gigi and some dear friends.

Drugs and muscle relaxers kept me comfortable.

Eventually as the day wore on I began feeling more soreness and back pain and realized for sure I had just received real back surgery.

I have been warned over and over that not matter how good I think I feel, that I have had major trauma to the spinal column and I must take it easy for 6 weeks.

I woke up a few hours ago after about 4 hours of fitful sleep. What the heck....I have nothing but time to sleep now.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes.

Oh, and the food is not bad at all....just bland.


Rock Chef said...

Sounds good so far!

Take it easy, as the doctor said too!

Ken said...

Sounds normal, glad it went well, now be good to your back. Someone has just been "poking around", tearing and ripping tissue out that you never knew you had. It's still all torn up in there so like I said, be good to your back.

Unknown said...

I would rather have a grilled pork butt and some spun-tossed wings.