Battles I am Fighting

I am so tired of dealing with incompetent dick heads at banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies and internal compliance. My life has become a non revenue producing swirl of paperwork to cover everyone's ass but mine. This sucks.

Yesterday I got this email from Quicken Loan:

Hello, Sir.

Please fill out this form with you business information only, sign and date and return via fax to Underwriting at 734-386-2200 or scan/email to me.

Thank you, Sir.


800-226-6308 ext 17212

The form was a release allowing Quicken to access my business tax returns from the IRS.

Forget for a moment that I had sent this form twice previously which calls into doubt as to their ability to underwrite a loan. Forget that I had previously supplied the document that they are requesting.

This made no sense to me as to why they would request a document from the IRS that they already had and was supplied by me.

Paul's assistant informed me that they now compare what the IRS has against what I supplied them to make sure I wasn't lying.

Thank you real estate speculators you lying cheats and shits. Thank you all of you who walked away from your loans and lied on your documents. You are worthless drivel to me and humanity right now. I have to pay for your sins now while you got off scott free. (Is it scot free or scott free?)

On another battle front I am requalifying for my business line of credit that I have had for 10 years. Suddenly I am a shiftless bum to the bank. I have spent three weeks trying to convenience the bank I am solvent. Today I will drop the mother of all bombs on them that gives them actual revenues owed me along with accounts receivable. Who knows what the bill will be from my CPA.

I need a vacation. Come hither sweet Jekyll Island. I will pull into the home of anonymous on Friday for a 10 day vacation.


Rock Chef said...

Good luck with all that!

All this seems to be a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted...

I am so glad that I am just rolling along at the moment and haven't got to hunt for loans!

terri said...

Amen to all of that!

TerryC said...

It really does suck that we have to do other peoples' work for them.

And it sucks that the world has become such a scammy, scummy and paranoid place.

Enjoy your much-needed physical vacation!

Love ya, Buddy!

Anonymous said...

Just keep thinking about your vacation... ;)

Ken said...

But your so good.........
at fighting these incompetent people battles.

Ali said...

It's scot free. Check it out:

A scot is a Scandinavian word for tax or payment. It came to the UK as a form of redistributive taxation which was levied as early the 13th century as a form of municipal poor relief. The term is a contraction of 'scot and lot'. Scot was the tax and lot, or allotment, was the share given to the poor.

Scot as a term for tax has been used since then to mean many different types of tax. Whatever the tax, the phrase 'scot free' just refers to not paying one's taxes.

So there you have it. Now, about all this banking crap. It sucks, and I'm sorry you (and so many others) have to suffer for the mistakes of big-wig douchebags.