Sometimes Things Work Out Just Fine

Yesterday afternoon we were visited by a thunderstorm of Biblical proportions. I heard the thunder coming and rushed out to cover the Jeep and secure the tent room.

Thunder storms down here are never in the distance. They hit directly with numerous strikes that are instantaneous in the report. One can literally hear the lightening cracking through the air many times very close by.

In about 30 minutes the power went off.

A potential problem arises when you have 5 five frightened dogs in an RV with outside temps in the 90's and steam rising with zero power. Fear not for I had a plan.

I fired up the generator on my RV bumper and had enough power for one AC, TV, computer and a few lights. Oh and I have satellite TV. Everyone else lost power and cable and I had both. The cable is still down this morning.

Sometimes things work out for the best in spite of bad times.

Another stroke of genus is my bringing the Roomba robotic vacuum. This is the first time ever that the RV is getting cleaned daily. No dog hair I promise.

Tomorrow I'll give you a tour of my hooch I made outside. It gives us enough covered space for a dinner supper of 15. I know, we did it Saturday night.


Rock Chef said...

So you're really roughing it then? :-)

Unknown said...

Yeah I vote on a Wreggie Cribs in tomorrow's blog post. That outdoor awning is a stroke of genius.

And when can we expect the Wreggie Condiment Holder to be hitting stores?

Jay said...

Don't let everyone around you know that you still have TV when the power goes out. They'll all just come over to your place. ;-)

Ali said...

I'm glad to hear that things are getting back on track - and that your melon quit bleeding :)

Michael said...

I kept waiting to hear Boscoe say "Its Okaaaaaaaay".

terri said...

That's my kinda camping!

taz said...

I love thunderstorms! You are so lucky! Maybe it wasn't the best of things to happen but thanks for the video!

I'd like to see the outside unit, too. And were you using a Honda 2000 or ?

Glad you folks are ok.