Sometimes Dreams are Better Than Real Life

I have been having some bizarre dreams lately.

There are places I go in my dreams that are very familiar to me. I have been visiting these dream places all my life and none of these places exist in real life.

Monday night I went to a place that resembles an old college campus. It is very refined with old stone structures and gas lamps. I always fly in and softly float down on a sidewalk. I always arrive at dusk.

Once I go inside the interior becomes a deserted mall. The other night I heard music and I went in the main auditorium. There was a very small crowd and the Black Eyed Peas were playing. I stayed and watched.

Another place I go is only accessible by a series of caves and tunnels that connect warehouses, houses, railcars and other old dank structures. I enjoy this because while it sound depressing I find the adventure enormously interesting.

Last night was a new place but I suspect it was near St Croix. It was very tropical. Gigi and Nicole were there. Nicole is Terry’s daughter.

The place was almost cartoonish. The shoreline kept changing.

Overhead I saw a big flying sail boat being pulled by a large alligator. Someone on board with a Cajun accent was yelling at the gator and another person was manning the oars. On the back of the boat was a huge Mercury engine.

Everyone on the ground was laughing and waving as the boat circled overhead.


terri said...

Your vivid dreams have got to be signs of a very active imagination. Seriously, I read about the dreams you and Rock Chef have and I'm almost jealous. Either I have no imagination so I don't dream, or I sleep so hard I can never remember what I dreamed.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I have epilepsy which is controlled by medications. All five seizures I had occurred while I was sleeping.

However even under control I have massage brain wave activity. The doctor said my brain wave activity was kind of like a hurricane compared to a normal brain activity.

This must have something to do with these fantastic dreams I have.

I have been having some bizarre dreams lately.

I haven’t had a seizure in 32 years.

Nicole Gariepy said...

Of course I would be in your dream of things flying in the sky in the tropics!

Ken said...

I want a flying boat, I really do.