I Should Be A Sleep Coach

I picked up the FIL Sunday night and managed to keep the MIL at bay until next weekend.

So next Saturday we expect a State visit from “Mutha” as we say in the south.

My dogs love Gigi’s dad. They all have this spring in their step knowing he is as silly as I am with them and he is full time for them.

He’ll play Frisbee and ball for hours with them for hours a day. They just think he is the most fun guy.

I can’t believe it but I just woke up and it is 7 AM. I never sleep this late. I slept for 10 blissful hours and so did Gigi.

Well….I have to guzzle some coffee and head off to work. I’m taking the Jeep today. Top down.


Rock Chef said...

Oh I will sleep much later than that if given a chance!

Chris said...

I think that the only thing a man should drive with a top down, is a Jeep.
Not Mazda Miatas, or any other smaller sports cars. That's just wrong...

Ali said...

Oooh, good sleep :)

And I'm jealous about the Jeep...though if I had one my hair would be in a constant state of turmoil.

terri said...

My mom is that kind of dog person. Her pets think they are people.

I have to second Ali's comment. Topless vehicles are not hair friendly. But they sure look cool!