Is there An Adult Around?

Whenever life throws me some bad circumstances I think about my father who would say in times of crisis, "Does anyone know an adult we can call for advice?"

All day long my father in law kept telling me almost in a panic that " brain is not working right". He knows he has the disease, he is fighting the battle in his own way with crossword puzzles but he is going down.

Meanwhile bright and early yesterday I had a tow truck show up to take Gigi's decomposed chicken smelling car to the detail shop. I called in advance and the shop assured me that tey could take care of the problem. About 20 minutes later the wrecker driver called me and said the guy at the shop wouldn't touch the car.

Gigi was in tears. She loves her 1987 4Runner and said "no" to my offer of a new car.

I found another detail shop that will strip the carpet, padding, headliner, and seats. They will clean them chemically, dry and reinstall with new padding. I hired a young kid to drive the car for $50 this morning. He said he'll put Vick's Vapor rub under his nose.

Meanwhile yesterday one of my best friends and business partner got the news that he has follicular lymphoma. Shit. It is too early to tell much but just shit.

I stopped by the club yesterday and got three suppers to go and had a glass of wine at the bar. There was a swim meet going on and everyone seemed happy. That was nice.

When I got home a storm was brewing like on the opening scene of The Wizard of Oz. Gigi was putting up the horses and the FIL was oblivious sitting outside doing crosswords. I covered my Jeep with a tarp and Gigi screamed she needed hay.

Dammit. I jumped in the truck and tore off in time to get 4 bales before the bottom dropped out.

The FIL ate his supper and asked when he was going to see his doctor because something was wrong with his brain.

I had a lot of work to do on the computer but the Internet when down along with the power so I headed to an early bed.

Every time the lightening would flash followed by thunder Boscoe would say, "It's okay" to reassure anyone in ear shot.

That's what we always say to the dogs during a thunderstorm and somehow it sounded reassuring from a parrot. Boscoe was my level headed adult last night.


Rock Chef said...

I feel so sorry for you FIL - knowing it is happening must be awful. If we could just suddenly wake up in fairyland it would be much nicer.

I think that kid earned his $50!

What a cool parrot!

TerryC said...

Sorry about your friend and your FIL. Hope things turn out as well as they can.

The rest of your story is too funny for words, though.

Love that Boscoe!!

Unknown said...

This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode and the valet who had BBO!

AmyK said...

So sorry to hear about your friend and poor Gigi. Her Dad going slipping away and her rotten car an untouchable. I do love your dad's favorite saying and I hope you don't mind that I quote him on that.

Thanks also, for explaining to me that the dots are invisable to men. Now it makes sense.

Ken said...

Yes! Things do pile up every once and awhile, don't they?

Hope it all gets sussed out for you guys.

terri said...

That seems like too much for one person to deal with. I'm sorry about your friend. I'm sorry about your father-in-law. I'm gonna say it with you. "Shit." Life is shit sometimes. But I guess it helps us really appreciate the good things in life. But you already know that.

Anonymous said...


This post is why I love reading you so much. Even if I mostly just lurk. xo

Hope you and Gigi are doing okay.