Next Week

I am planning my most adventurous Origami trip to date. I want to take my trusty dingy from Jekyll Island to Cumberland Island.

I consulted with my friend Mic, a maritime expert and he pretty much pointed out that I was a true idiot for taking an 11 foot boat on a 3 mile trip between islands. I concurred but said I would do the trip under most ideal conditions and I would consult the charts and have my marine radio handy.

I will actually be landing on Little Cumberland island. The whole island is mostly natural and there are wild horses, alligators, pigs and I'm sure lots of birds. There is an old lighthouse that I want to visit.

Most people enter the island from a ferry on the Florida end so my end should be deserted.

It will be fun having a beach all to myself.


Anonymous said...

Good morning,
We hope that you have a great vacation, but need to let you know that Little Cumberland Island is a privately owned wildlife sanctuary, separate from Cumberland Island. This includes the Lighthouse. We are very sorry, but we are unable to allow private visitors (including dogs)on the island especially during the shorebird nesting season.
Thank you and, again, sorry.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Okay...then I'll admire your island from the sea with my binoculars.

Anonymous said...

Being a local and having cousins who are very avid boaters, that area of water can be very harsh. These same cousins sank 3 large boats approaching Cumberland. 2nd two were in attempt to rescue the first.

Be safe in our waters. Currents run faster than one would think.


Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thanks anonymous. I am always very careful and realize we are all just a stalled motor away from a disaster on sea or land. That is the main reason I carry a marine band radio. The first sign of trouble and I'll put my tax dollars to work.

I'm not the type of person that gets up and says today I must go out in the boat. Weather has to be ideal for me to venture out in a small boat.

Having visited Jekyll Island for 18 years I can recount multiple nightmares on I-95. Now that is dangerous water my friend. I carry extra fuel just for the stalled traffic.

But it's all worth the trouble....south Georgia is beautiful.

My lovely bride was raised on St Simon's so it is a second home to us.