You Ever Get the Idea That I Exagerate?

Oh I have been a bad man today. I took Origami II out through treacherous waters toward Little Cumberland Island.

We landed on a small barrier island and released a pack of egg sucking dogs. These dogs were able to eradicate both the nesting birds and turtles in a few minutes.

I urinated on an oyster bed.

We left behind a colony of these dogs to populate the island.

I took a few moments to change my outboard motor's oil. Once I dumped the oil and trash we headed back to Jekyll for the future assault on Little Cumberland.

I need to find some more egg sucking dogs and toxic pollutants for my next visit.


none said...

Careful or the green weenies will come get you ;)

Chris said...

Is that Island seriosly called "Ruint" island?

That's what happened after you visited I guess. :)

Ken said...

Glad you had a great day!

terri said...

You need your own reality show. Or is that "unreality?"

MELackey said...

did you also leave them a "shit story" of their own, preferrably in their fresh water supply?

Michael said...

I understand there is some old lighthouse out there, just beggin' for a little graffiti.