News Update

Yesterday afternoon we discovered what the awful smell was that was permeating our back yard.

It seems Gigi bought three whole chickens and didn’t unload them.

She opened her car and the funk and flies came rolling out spilling stink all over the surrounding area. Seriously we had a stink that covered several hundred feet in diameter.

A question….how can meat processed under the watchful eye of President Obama, and shrunk wrapped in plastic, and double bagged in grocery bags in a sealed car still produce hundreds of flies and thousands of maggots in three days?

You think it was Dick Chaney?


Rock Chef said...

Yeah! You would have thought that they would stay fresh or even fry themselves now that Obama is in The White House!

Ken said...

I'd contact the shrink wrap industry first of course, then the processing plant to see if it was recently visited by the beautiful Sarah Palin which would have been a complete distraction to the whole process. Next, I'd contact the auto industry to make sure that during the production time of that models door gaskets, that the workers got their cost of living raise, and were they, happy employees. Only then would I check with Cheney to discuss how guickly things can begin to stink.

Ken said...

Come on Wreggie....fight back!

Randi said...

I have got to say, this is the most bizarre way that I have ever heard of to total a car. There should be an award for this.