Let me give you a few updates?

Remember The garage? It took a month but it is finally clean to most household standards. I don't miss a thing I threw out either. Everything has a place and is visible. I will try and keep it that way.

Rotten chicken in the car update.

Gigi's car spent 6 days in the detail shop. They stripped the inside to bare metal and disassembled the instrument panel and center console. They removed the seats, carpet and padding along with the fabric door panels and headliner. Everything was scrubbed, cleaned and sanitized.

New carpet padding was installed and the whole interior was put back together. They put an ozone machine in the car for two days and then they set off an "odor bomb" with the windows closed.

We picked up the car yesterday and it smelled good and was VERY clean. The insurance picked up the $450 tab.


Rock Chef said...

Insurance covered the cost? Wow!

Has it got that "New Car" smell now?

terri said...

Your garage story is so inspiring. I might actually have to clean the walk in closet. Then again, it's easier to just ignore it...

TerryC said...

Wow! Two "Happy Endings" in one blog post!

Go Wreginald!

TerryC said...

Oh, and that would have cost at least a grand down here in "Paradise".

Blasé said...

Paris Hilton as a Follower...Cool!

Came across your Blog via 'Classic Rock'. Come over and visit my Blog over in Raleigh. You may see something you like. Peace