Today is my birthday and I like that. I plan
to take a really good nap and pack for my Jekyll Island Vacation that starts Friday. And I'm not ashamed to admit I'm fifty friggin three.

Gigi's uncle once gave a great analogy of how live moves along. He told me life was like a video tape on rewind. It starts out very slow and looks like it will take forever. Once you get toward the end it speeds along so fast that you think it will snap.

I haven't had a vacation since St Croix in February and it will be the first the botched attempt to go to Bermuda. Remember those plans for Memorial weekend? It was my first ever vacation failure.

I had the hotel, the airfare, a house sitter, an itinerary was forming but fate had other plans. The rendezvous with my Cruzan friends got canceled so we decided to stay home and clean out the garage.

Yesterday Peach Pod and Peach Pit came up from St Simon's Island and towed back my Jeep and boat for me to enjoy next weekend for 10 days. That was so kind of them. It's kind of lonely without the little fellow in the driveway but it sure will be fun have the Jeep down at Jekyll Island. They have been texting updates to me as they pass state borders.

I was checking the RV out and discovered a propane regulator has gone bad and was leaking. I ordered another....thank goodness I checked.


terri said...

Happy Birthday!!! Preparing for a favorite vacation sounds like a great way to celebrate.

Chris said...

Well, happy birthday!

I'll be sure to buy you a drink when you come visit.

charlotte said...

Where is this tire cover from?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I made it. Tie dyed a camo cover that was faded.