Letter to the In-laws

Dearest in-laws:

Stop putting my ketchup, syrup, and butter in the refrigerator.

I like real butter and I like it soft. I have never caught an airborne butter disease from leaving it covered on the counter. In fact I like rotten dairy products like cheese and buttermilk.

Nothing like a stack of pancakes covered in ice cold syrup. Look at the label my dear family by marriage. It says on my syrup that refrigeration is not necessary,

And finally it is not necessary to refrigerate Heinz Ketchup. It says on the label “For Best Results Refrigerate after Opening”. It doesn’t say it will kill you if you don’t. Again, hot French fries and ice cold ketchup ain’t too good.

Besides at the rate you consume ketchup dear FIL I doubt seriously about the opportunity for spoilage.


terri said...

Growing up, we never refrigerated our butter either. For that matter, the jelly was kept in a kitchen cupboard too, not regrigerated. When I started dating my hubby, his roommate used to refrigerate peanut butter!

Michael said...

Hey Wreg,

We bought a jar of refrigerated Blue Cheese dressing last week before going to St. Thomas and the BVIs. It sat in the rover all week with all the bar stock for Pointe Dance Academy's Summer Gala refreshment bar.

You want it?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Blue cheese is already rotten so dig in. I love the stuff.

Send it on!

(ya'll watch...I'll get a priority mail package in about a week)

Unknown said...

I actually like the combination of hot and cold for certain things. I enjoy hot fries with cold ketchup or a crispy hot piece of bread with chilled butter.

I really love hot grilled chicken on an ice cold salad.

Do you eat cold lettuce on a hot sub or do you not refrigerate lettuce either? :)

I agree with you on the syrup though.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Actually I am not a fan of cold lettuce.

Ali said...

This made me laugh so hard that I had a coughing fit. Thanks.

I agree about the butter and syrup, but warm ketchup? Gross!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No...room temperature ketchup. How much contrast do you 20 somethings need for your ketchup?