Brain Filter Failure

Sometimes people just say things without running them through the brain filter.

Just a moment ago I told Gigi, "Honey, I'll be here today until I leave."

Immediately I thought.... crap....that was stupid. Of course I'll be here until I leave. What else could I do?

Gigi replied, "Don't you usually do that?"

Boscoe my parrot broke out in laughter. Even he caught that one.


Ken said...

When I finish commenting, you can read it here.

Rock Chef said...

That is brilliant!

I am going to say that over the weekend and see what reactions I get!

terri said...

Someone recently said to me, "I'm going to sleep until I wake up." I had a similar reaction to Gigi's and Boscoe's.

TerryC said...

Gigi's well-timed and perfectly- worded responses always crack me up!

I can vividly picture the whole scenario.

And Boscoe! ROTFLMAO!

AmyK said...

We all have a brain fart once in a while. It is nice when they slip by unnoticed.