Oh Well

Both of my football teams lost this past weekend. The Panthers were humiliated by the Eagles at home.

It's okay....because I am still resting in the bliss of the mother of all wins, so I am set for life.

I was down in St Croix last week at a bar (go figure) about to watch some crab races. I had on my Appalachian State University tee shirt. A woman accross from me in an Ohio State shirt screamed "Go Appalachain" and I smiled and made a few whooping sounds.

A few minutes later a Michigan supporter with his tee shirt started taunting the Ohio State fan. I walked up to the Michigan fan and gave my best incredible hulk muscle flex. He backed down. We all laughed.

That win was two years ago that Appalachian State beat Michigan in the Big House. The victory is still fresh and refreshing to me.


AmyK said...

I think it was my husband in that Michigan shirt. This time of year, that's all he wears. Saturday's Michigan/Notre Dame game was amazing. Sorry you didn't have a similar experience.

Jay said...

I'm almost feeling sorry for Ohio State fans at this point. Almost.