On to Mars

Remember the reoccurring dream I have when I go down the road on a skate board laying on my belly?

Last night I was on Highway 74 down in the eastern part of the state headed west to Charlotte. I propel myself with my knuckles like a chimp and was cruising about 60 MPH when I came upon some construction.

The flag guy stopped us so I stopped and was positioned beside a huge mower. Then the SOB let down his mowing deck and almost crushed me. I stood up, flipped him off and started knuckling my way down the shoulder past the construction.

I was drawn to this little house on the highway and stopped to rest. Gigi was in there and had a stack of mail for me to look over and a cold drink for me. She insisted I use her car to continue my trip but I stubbornly insisted I continue on my belly board.

Finally I got to Charlotte and met up with a friend who informed me that I had been chosen to make a manned mission to Mars. It was going to launch in just days. I was thrilled but didn't know how I was going to explain this to Gigi. I would to be gone 2 years.

I looked down and my knuckles were a bloody mess. My friend told me that this alone could jeopardize my chances to go to Mars


Ali said...

Wouldn't THAT be a piss off? Your chance to go to Mars ruined because of your bloody knuckles from using your belly board?


Crazy dream, Reggie. I loved it :)

Judy said...

Funny. I know how real it must have all seemed while you were dreaming it.

Rock Chef said...

And you called Ali and me crazy!!!?!?

Jay said...

And you had this dream without the help of some NyQuil before bed? Impressive.

terri said...

Your brain was designed for Saturday morning TV. Do you have any idea how much money you could make turning this idea into animation?

TerryC said...

Too funny, Wreg!

Ekanthapadhikan said...

That's a lot of colour in your dreams! Had a good read.

Thanks for sharing!