What I Did This Weekend

View St Croix, VI POI's in a larger map

Yes I'm always mentally on vacation and this past weekend I was mentally in the familiar place of St Croix US Virgin Islands. I decided to map the island as best I could from memory. I needed help on a few spots as to their exact placement and referenced a few more maps. Then I took this map and converted all the point into categories and then GPS POI's (points of interest). Then I loaded my GPS and they showed up just fine.

Technically now if you were to visit the island and have a GPS I could provide you with the files and you could drive most anywhere like a local.


Rock Chef said...

Love all the lagoons and stuff!

Must work out how to do this myself!

AmyK said...

After hearing so much about your beautiful island, it kills me, it is one of the few I won't be gong to next week. And, now you have furnished us with a Wreggie Tour. Dang.!!! I'll be as close as St. John... as Kenny Cheseny says " A stones throw from St. Croix"