Cause and Effect...why I dream what I do

Sorry but my dreams have been vivid of late.

A few days ago I was brushing my teeth and became acutely aware as I so often do that I have a scull in my head. Not only that but my teeth are basically an outward extension of that skull.

So I drift off to sleep that night and dream that I am at a boat ramp somewhere on the coast of North Carolina. I see drifting in the water a camouflaged material of sorts. It is a military back pack with the new camo they use now.

I look again and there is a flight suit complete with a helmet. Very cool....I can wear this at Halloween.

As I pull the suit up and I can and feel bones. I see a skull in the helmet. I smell death.

I decide to leave things as they are and call the authorities to report a missing person or body or whatever I am supposed to do. As I am calling I can see the hands on the body starting to move, then the legs and then the face begins to fill out.

I run over to the flight suit and discover it is Richard, a very ...shall we say familiar street person in St Croix.

"What are you doing man?"

"Richard you are dead."

"No I'm not dead."

"Yes you are Richard."

Richard is really perturbed that I have awakened him from his death sleep.

Eventually I left him as I always do.


TerryC said...

Did you give him some money?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No...I didn't. He was dead.

terri said...

Last night I dreamed that I had grown extra toes on both of my feet. One foot had 6 toes, the other had 7. I was so freaked out. Had no idea when this had all happened.

This dream is all your fault for making me wish I could remember my dreams! ;-)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

But isn't it fun Terri?

Rock Chef said...

I once dreamed that a friend of mine who was really dead turned up, saying that he wasn't dead at all it was a big practical joke!

MELackey said...

I was dreamed I was taking a leak... Very realistic sort of dream...