Happy Goat Water Friday

I just had Johnny cakes and coffee from Smokies on the east end of the island. You could smell the goat water cooking for lunch.

This car was at the bottom of our driveway this morning. The air bag was deployed, the light on, but no passenger to assist. I guess this is a reminder of what rum can do.

Yesterday there was a traffic stop coming out of Christiansted and I was flagged over to talk to the police. He asked for my diver's license and registration. He just starred at my NC license and couldn't figure out what to ask. He had a very intimidating look and kept starring at me and my license.

Finally I said, "I look a lot better in person don't I?"

He burst out in laughter and said enjoy the island.

The tropical storm is sitting on or around us now. The rain is refreshing.


Ken said...

You just gotta LOVE island officials!
(to keep your sanity)

Nicole Gariepy said...

A little humor goes a long way with the VI's finest! Not all are receptive to it though, glad you got a good one!

terri said...

I REALLY need to adopt your "mentally on vacation" attitude. I don't know anyone, other than you, (and certainly not me) that could be on vacation, at their favorite vacation spot, in the rain, and say, "The rain is refreshing."

Anonymous said...

Humor can diffuse almost any situation and so can a genuine smile.
Maybe not all, but you don't need all.

Well done, Cap't. Reggie.

I know you're enjoying your vacation.

AmyK said...

I am absolutely stealing your driver's license line. Thanks for that.

TerryC said...

Yeah, the rain is more refreshing than Ned's ass, isn't it?

LOL! That is a really great driver's license line. I'm going to be giggling about that for days, maybe even weeks.

Unknown said...

Do some research and find out what happenedto the drve of the car would ya?

Ali said...

Oh my god - you are too much! Way to break the ice Reggie :)