Who Am I?

There is a very strange feeling falling about me and it goes against my very nature to write about it. I am certain I will regret having this thought but I must share this odd feeling I am having.

I am looking forward very curiously to winter. I know this is wrong and it goes against my very nature.

Was it the recent gaycation? Am I a cloest winter person?

I hate cold weather. I hate long dark days. I hate defoliated trees. I hate ice. I hate cold rain. I don't even like the holidays that much.

Strangely I am longing for the season that brings this misery.

It was a very wet, hot, humid summer here. So humid and hot that it curtailed a lot of activities that I normally love.

Or perhaps am I getting so old that I just want to sit indoors in front of the heater and moisturize? Was that the meaning of my rolling down the hill in paradise last week?

I'm so seasonally confused right now.


terri said...

Wreggie! NO! Do NOT defect from the Winter haters of America! Don't get sucked in! Oh sure. The fall seems nice and cool, and it's beautiful and cozy, but it only leads to bad things. Winter is BAD!

...I think it's time for an intervention...

Ken said...

Wake up Wreggie, come on Wreggie get up, you can't sleep all day. Your having one of those weird dreams at the keyboard again.

AmyK said...

Me too Wreggie. I am a true Northerner. I hate snow. I hate to be cold. But right about now, I am tired of sweating in this humidity and I want to open my doors and windows. I am anxious for sweatshirt weather but not coats.

Judy said...

I like every season but I like winter the least. I wouldn't mind a little winter but don't want it to last as long as it does. Not that I like freezing but I like the cozy things you do in winter. Like fires in the fire place and warm sweat clothes, sweaters and all. I even sort of like it getting dark earlier. And since we go to the lake in warm weather I enjoy more time to be at home. But all that said I am so happy for it to be over each year.