Most Stuff is Not Hilarious

Hilarious is a word that is completely misused. I think of hilarious as rolling on the floor, can't catch my breath laughter. This is scale 10 in laughter.

I have experienced hilarious myself once. I almost died....seriously I was worried that some tube of pipe in me would burst because my laughter was uncontrollible.

I have had lots of 9 laughter and had a good solid 8 yesterday on this video.

Laughter is so addicting and I love to feed the crave.

I'm headed to the island for a week and will be Facebooking a lot on my iPhone and blogging when I can.


Rock Chef said...

Can you scratch them for me?

Love it!

Chris said...

Is it just me, or is that the smallest man ever?

Love his socks.

terri said...

You're right. Most things aren't hilarious. That video wasn't. It was, like TBS, "very funny" though.

Have a great vacation!

Rock Chef said...

Hm, now I have an idea for a post...

It will be totally hilarious! The funniest thing on the entire internet!

Or not...