Survivor Island

Yesterday was full of activity. I did a turtle walk with Michael and Terry in the morning at Cheney Beach. Basically it involves them walking and looking for new nesting areas and me talking. I did get a chance to assist by holding a tape off of a stake when they were recording the news nest location.

The beach was covered in vicious acting crabs about the size of a dime. These were way bigger than the vicious scorpion that I confronted years ago and they were every bit as threatening. Plus theses guys numbers were in the thousands. I got very close to one and he raised his 1/8 inch pincer in rage. I was tempted to put a finger down to test the strength of his powerful claw but figured I would have been the bigger fool if it hurt and I started flailing about only to fall down and be consumed by thousands of the blood thirsty vermin.

Afterwards we ate a nearly coffeeless breakfast full of substituted items. Apparently they don't inventory a full menu of items in the off season so shrimp was substituted for crab, toast for biscuits and so on.

I went on to The Pickled Greek to begin setting up the hardware for the webcam. Michael started setting up the software remotely.

The tropical storm had moved on from the night before so I took the calm for an opportunity to snorkel for a few hours.

By now it was mid afternoon and my breakfast was long gone. I had visions of buffalo wings dancing in my head and I knew I could get a pile at the Brew Pub. We sat down around 3:30 got a local brew and ordered wings and watch the day go by from the harbor front.

Off to the didtance a most magnificent thunder storm was building.

The wings finally came and we ordered another round of brews. Between the calm air, the Miss Anna's hot sauce, and the saturation of humidity from the pending storm left me a sweating mess but I was having fun.

A rush of cold air ushered in the warning that the storm was immanent and the staff starting collecting beach umbrellas and anything that could blow away.

Then it hit...the mother of all thunderstorms and dazzling lighting and torrents of rain. It went on and on. With each strike of lightening came uprouarious cheers from the open air bar. This was a storm for the ages and I was in it.


Nicole Gariepy said...

That was one hell of a storm! You were likely hanging out with some of my buddies down at the Brew Pub.

Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

And with good attitude that your vacation was enhanced by it and not ruined by it.
My dog was a trembling puddle.
So was I.

Ken said...

You really are having a gay old time arn't you?

Ken said...

By the way Phfrankie and I stole your gaycation line at Vinny Bonds wedding and I got to tell ya, it produced some very serious laughter.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the name of your fitss me....Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog. There is a great giveaway that ends tonight...

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like you need to watch those crabs - a horror movie in the making, I say!

That storm sounds so cool - I love storms.

Judy said...

Everything is more fun in St. Croix. Even storms!