Cool Weather Is Here

We are in a temperature flux now. It is cool at night, warm during the day and the humidity is very low.

I'm not fooled...winter is coming and I am panicked.

Most people love this weather. It is hot in the sun and cold in the shade. It is refreshing yet so dry it hurts my skin and it is very breezy so my lips crack.

Yesterday I bought a 2MM wet suit shorty. I will stop living in denial that the waters in the Caribbean are chilly in February. I used to get by just knowing how cold it was back in Charlotte in February but now I'll admit what the locals have been telling me. It is cold down there in the winter compared to summer.

Last February my BIL and I screamed through our snorkels until we got used to the cool water.

This year I will arrive in comfort with my wet suit. I'll now be in great shape with my new "aqua man" hand fins and rash socks. I'll slip old "yellow boys" over the mix.


Ken said...

You crack me up Wreggie, with your comfort level set at HIGH.

I hope so much that you pose for a picture in your garb. Come on!
I dare you! Before it gets to cold in SC.

terri said...

I'm still in denial about the fact that winter is on it's way. I think it's 40 degrees here this morning, but I still got my flip-flops on!

The wet suit sounds like a good investment. No sense trying to convince yourself the water's not cold when it really is.

TerryC said...

You are a whack job. (You must look pretty hot in the wetsuit, though ;) ).