We Reach

I first noticed this term "We Reach" on the sign at the Pickled Greek when they opened. I didn't exactly know what it meant but it sounded Cruzan and I thought that it meant their goal of opening had been obtained.

Having lived with a Cruzan for the past 10 days the term "reach" is thrown around frequently and covers for a lot of words. Typically it can refer to obtaining a goal, reaching a destination, reaching a via or wayward point on to a final destination.

"When you reach we'll have lunch."

Another term Cruzans use is "okay". Okay is an acknowledgement that they heard and understand what you said and nothing further will be said on the subject for now.

So, if you are walking down the street and say to a Cruzan, "Good morning", they are likely to respond by saying "okay" with an emphasis on the "kay". They drag the "kay" out a bit.

What most mainlanders want to hear back is a good morning but the "okay" is an acknowledgement and acceptance of your good morning.

Or if I am in a conversation with a Cruzan and I am siting facts, I will hear "okay" frequently as an acknowledgement that they understand and accept what I am saying.

"Tomorrow I will reach the Virgin Islands".



Ken said...


Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Perfect Mic.

TerryC said...

I can feel your Wreggie-lectricity already!

Judy said...

I can't wait to hear all about it. I hope the weather is okay.

AmyK said...

I'm jealous. I won't be in the island for another 3 weeks. You have found a home. I need to pick an island and stop the cruises and find my island home too.I'm ready and I'm inspired.

Ken said...

Just saying....
You might want to bring a book to read at the airport, big weather moving into the islands. Puddle jumpers won't fly.

Unknown said...

I like their use of okay.

I have people say to me every day, "Good morning" and I really don't care if they are having a good one or not or how they are doing. Replying with just okay would be great.

I love when I will say to someone, "Good morning, how are you" and they just reply with the exact same thing back. Ok, now we have gotten nowhere.

Michael said...

As Peter is indisposed at the moment, I'll have to comment for him:

"Wha? You nah reach yet meson. Maybe you reach tomorrow, today you still up der."

Hope your flight is mostly uneventful.