Craig's List

I have been looking for some rudimentary dive equipment on Craig’s list and eBay.

Craig’s list is still the Wild West compared to eBay where the rules are whatever the seller wants and there are no consequences for behavior.

I found one guy loaded with dive stuff in good condition …his and her dive stuff. I asked if I could only buy the men’s stuff and he said no, I would have to take all the pink stuff, the small fins and small BCD or nothing.

Then I found a guy who lived an hour away willing to piecemeal his stuff but he said he would be out of pocket until Tuesday night of next week.

I hate that term “out of pocket” and why in the hell list something on Craigs list if you aren’t going to be around to show it.

I guess I’ll have to “cool my jets” (how do you like that term mister out of pocket) and rent down on the island.

By the way I did a head count this morning and I still have 12 chickens. It was their first night camping out.


Ken said...

Will they ever be "free range" chickens?

Rock Chef said...

That is an odd way to use "out of pocket". Over here it implies that you are losing money on a deal! Which in a way he is!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I hope so Micky...but I have one very over curious border collie that is bound to herd them right now.

Judy said...

I don't like when people say they are out of pocket either. I also don't like when the say the are out in the field. I never really got the meaning on that one. I also don't like when people say they are giving me "heads up".
Funny the things that bug us.

Michael said...

I've never had much luck with craigslist. I guess because most stuff is posted for local consumption, and I'm not very local to anywhere anyone is selling anything on craigslist.

Maybe you can help me out. I know how you love to track things down.

We're going to need a replacement umbrella for the back deck table. We saw some nice looking ones out west at Sandcastles that were promos from Barefoot Wines. We think the wine stinks (like bare feet) but we like the logo and the look for a tropical setting. Think you can find me a Barefoot Wines umbrella? Or suitable alternative, like Cruzan Rum, we don't don't want no stinkin' Coors Light or Bud umbrellas. We have our standards ya know.