Balls of The Gipper

When it comes to domestic economic policy President Obama tops my list of worst Presidents. He doesn’t possess the fundamentals of a college Econ 101 text book, much less does he possess the ability to stimulate the world’s number one economy…..soon to be the worlds number two economy.  China is slated to move past us in a few years.

Other Presidents who get an honorable mention are Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt.

But my hat is off on President Obama for his tactical military achievements of the past few months with his “screw the congress and the constitution” approach to military strikes.   

I can’t quite grasp why we are spending millions in Libya but who can argue the beauty of cruise missiles rising from a submarine or destroyer headed to force our might on some unsuspecting bad guy?


Yesterday in Pakistan a missile took out number two terrorist leader Ilyas Kashmiri. KABOOM!

A few weeks ago a missile just missed its target of American born terrorist leader Anwar Al-Awlaki in Yeman. A few more yards accurate and he would be buzzard fodder. Now he has ringing ears and a new respect for security.

President Obama has shown all this guts and glory with out congress, the constitution, allies, and tens of thousand of troops.

Marshall Dillon is alive and kicking. Ronald Reagan would be proud for the balls he has shown

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Ken said...

Maybe if the Repuplicans could stop bitching and whining about how terrible our president is and actually try to "do" something responsible and work together in Congress and the House without kissing the asses of the largest of corporations our ballsy president could get the economy headed in the right direction too. Don't you think?

But no, it's more important to just keep whining all the way up to the election just as they've done from the beginning. After all, that's what keeps them in the money from the big boys.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No. He is a socialist, progressive or whatever you like to call him and this is polar opposite of a capitalist. No amount of wishing will make them get along.

Political opposites keep power in check. Always has been this way.

A dictator is much more efficient. I prefer our way with all its faults.

He really is terrible when it comes to economics and he has a track record to prove it. He is clueless. No grasp of the fundamentals or has a very keen grasp of the fundamentals and is hell bent on destroying our economy. Either way he is very dangerous and I hope he is done in 18 months.

Ken said...

That sounds like your trying to say that Democrats are socialists and Republicans are capitalists, polar opposites. That is far from the truth.

The two parties keep things in check that's true but Congress and the House are the platforms they all use for serving the "people", not just the highest contributors.

Two very bad things are creeping into the politics of our great country and they are sure to derail it, money buying policy (corporations as people) and religion.

I really don't have a lot of faith anymore. They just might take "everything" away and I won't be surprised at all.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No again. Dems and Reps are old school thinking. There are plenty of liberal and rino Reps.

Personally I am a Whip and wear a powered wing with knickers and stockings every time I vote.

I was mainly talking about President Obama, one entire branch of government, the Executive Branch. The Legislative Branch is another whole branch of government made up of smaller parts run by the majority, almost equal to The President.

If one does not believe what the president is doing then one is nor required to drink the kool aid just to be a nice guy.

I think your beef may be with lobbyist who are funded by big money in order to get their way in congress and the white house. Big money alone isn't power. Buying an army of lawyers with big money is power. Both sides do it. Every industry has them.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

I think it is important to remember just what a mess this current president inherited. I mean, ther is hardly any precedent. We were in REALLY bad shape.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

We have taken desperate measures under this administration and all we can do now is hope that it all works out.

It is fun to think about how a republican president would have dealt with the inherited meltdown.

Aside from the health care bill (which I believe in, be it socialist or not) I believe there was no other way to sanaely deal with the mess.

So there.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh there is a precedent....Reagan after Carter. Carter after Ford. Ford after Nixon. They all inherited absolute shit. People forget gas lines, wage and price controls and 17% interest rates. How was that for housing and business?

73 to 74 was an economic disaster that percolated until 83.

We have a different set of circumstances now. Why do business sit on trillions for dollars now and forgo spending?

Economic cycles will always run in spite of who is President. Some Presidents can poke the fire and speed things up...other piss on the fire and slow it down.

The fire will burn during whom evers Presidency. I just happen to firmly believe Obama has pissed on the fire with a trillion dollars of pissed soaked bills.

But the man can kick ass with drones and missiles.

Ken said...

Easy to forget that right at the end of Bushes administration which spent trillions on wars and tax cuts for the wealthiest, Paulson got up there just as we're finding out, that with all the lack of regulations the Wall Street banks totally fucked up the economy by throwing money at the people convincing them that they "can" afford these preposterous mortgages and Paulson pretty much demanded 800 billion with the threat of total collapse if they didn't get it. That scared the shit out of everybody. Typical Bush/Cheney scare them into submission. You support these kind of tactics?

But still to this day, none of the men who are responsible are even getting a slap on the wrist!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The feds said banks had to loan money to everyone so they could get a house. Think this was Clinton but it doesn't matter. The fact is it was federal law. The banks ended up with shit loans which they repackaged into shitlets and sold it off, often leveraged (borrowed money) and it was all okay under the House Financial Services Committee. Think that was Barney Frank but it doesn't matter.

Look...we are in a shit mess and history can point a finger anywhere it wants. Blame isn't going to help a thing.

What we need is to get out of this shit now and fast because 2 1/2 years have been very unproductive.

You can lock up everyone and it is not going to help the economy (business).

Remember Obama has invaded 3 foreign country's in addition to seeing over the other two going when he took office.

Bad economic guy and love his itchy trigger finger. Something about protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic must have sunk in after he got the oath a second time. I like it.

I feel safe even if 1/5 of the work force isn't working.

I got a new paved street last year and new pavement all the way to work.

Ken said...

But, but, but, what exactly will the Republicans do if they get in office and control the House and the Senate? Huh? How will "they" make anything better and how will "they," that do it so well, stop the hemorrhaging of money? Haven't heard a word of what they "would" do, just bitching about Obama!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I haven't a clue what they'll do. You're not going to get me to defend Bush or the Republicans.

All I know for sure is the Commander of our armed forces now plays war like a teenager on a video game but he sucks badly at economic stimulus. Pitiful. Under any measure turrible as Charles Barkley would say. It is embarrassing. I feel pity on him. Turrible.

Ken said...

It's true, war these days is more like playing games from the living room couch staring blindly at a TV screen. We've come a long ways from "Pong" and the old Commodore 64 haven't we?