My Bride

I have not been able to switch to mental vacation so far as I have been doing a lot of adult stuff…..paying taxes, conference calls, paper work, client meetings etc.    

The Hottie on the right about 1 year before I married her.
I guess you would call it work.

All of this is in preparation for what turns out to be very likely my last vacation in a while to come.

For 20 years my bride’s health has declined until now she is so strapped in pain that it is difficult for her to do what we all take for granted. She rarely travels with me and often can’t do normal tasks around the house.

Since 2003 the condition has gotten much worse.

So we have been on a quest to see if someone can fix her since treating the problems symptoms have only allowed her condition to become worse.

Untreated Gigi will be confined to a wheel chair or so slumped over that she would have to look up like her grandmother to see where she is going.

We found such a doctor few weeks back and on July 6 Gigi will have one long or two shorter surgeries to rebuild her lower spine and straighten and reinforce her spine. The doctor said she will be taller by up to 2 inches.

The recovery is long and the risks are real. The reward however is worth chancing since she could join the rest of us that are not racked with pain.

I’ll keep you all posted.  

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Rock Chef said...

wReggie - I had no idea about this! I have only seen your photos of Gigi and she looks so fit and healthy!

I wish you both every success with these operations. I am sure that the rewards will be more than worth any risks.

Ken said...

Bic and I wish Gigi and you a succsessful endeavor to return her to that Hottie on the right standing tall.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

Sweet Jesus, I hope all goes well.

Denice said...

My goodness Reggie, I did not realize Gigi was suffering so terribly! I knew she had some health issues she learned to live with but certainly not to this degree.
We wish only the best for her ------- you both are in our prayers.

California Buds,
Hank & Denice

terri said...

I had no idea! Poor Gigi! I'm so glad you found a doctor who can help her, and I'll pray for successful surgeries and recovery.