Instructions to the House Sitter (first draft)

Most Important! 

Every day everyone needs fresh water. Pour out the old, rinse and add new fresh water to the horse buckets inside and out; the dog bowls inside and out (blue bowl at barn and red bucket on deck) and do the same to the red buckets in the kitchen and the pan in our bedroom. Also check Pickens in the guest house.

Check the chicken waterers and add water as needed but rinse out the tray at the bottom by turning the container over and rinsing with the hose. Make sure you set the chicken water on level ground or it will seep out.

Second Most Important!

Be nice and kind to our animals. Two are old and screw up. Be attentive to them please. Abby has to pee and crap first thing. Make sure you let her out when her feet hit the floor.  The dogs are our kids so watch over them carefully please that they don’t get over heated or wonder off. Make sure they go out enough but do not let Abby stay outside in the 90’s hour on end or she will over heat.

Yes she Abby is stinky and overweight but we love her and expect her to be treated kindly.

The Chickens

Make sure their water is clean. Usually I fill up the container every few days and tilt the tray at the bottom until the crap is rinsed out.

Little chickens get a red container of starter feed in the morning and one at night. The starter feed is the one that is on the right with the top on the top pointing up.

They don't need much else.

The big chickens get a large red container of layer feed twice a day with a small handful of crushed oyster shells on top. The layer feed is on the left in the container with the angle top.

Then take out their eggs and take them to the guest house and wash them off and store them in the refrigerator.

This is a good time to feed Pickens some dry food anew one can of soft food. Make sure he has water. Clean his box upstairs every other day please. Plastic grocery bags are available at the kitchen sink for this.

The Horses

You know the drill here. I feed the 1/2 red bucket in the morning and about 1/2 bale of hay. In the summer I fill both big red buckets with fresh water.

At night they get a bucket of feed...Sassy a little less and a few flakes of hay.


Clean her box every other day and feed her daily. She has been sleeping outside at night.


Feed them once a day in the evening and let them out for a last potty.


If any dog acts unusually friendly and bothersome that means they have to shit. Let them out.

If any dog is suspected of having the shits should be given Pepto-Bismol. If you can figure out who then give them all Pepto-Bismol.

Make sure they all go out and pee first thing in the morning and several times during the day...especially Abby. If Abby is on her feet she needs to shit or eat. Usually they all go to bed after supper.


Cedie needs to be pilled morning and night. Abby gets pain Meds in the morning.


If a dog shits or pees please clean it up. Guilt them into a confession but don’t hit them.

We have plenty of paper towels and cleaners. Please give it your best effort. BE NICE TO OUR DOGS.

If you need and more feed or supplies the just get them at McCoy's. Take anybody that is sick to Greenock Vet on Flowe Store Road.

Other Stuff

Please pick up the mail daily. Also the garbage is picked up very early Monday Morning so roll it out Sunday night.

Our phone service is spotty so leave a message if you need to, but often a text will get through when a call doesn't. 

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Ken said...

A day in the life at the Hunnicutt ranch/institution.

I have a clearer picture now!

Rock Chef said...

It is quite frightening when you write down stuff like that isn't it? Stuff that just gets done, but when I read this I was thinking "so when does he find time to go to work?"

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Rock Chef I can blaze through this like a short order cook. It takes about 15 minutes in the evening.

Rock Chef said...

Yeah, I am sure you have got it sorted, but when it is written down like that - scarey!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

I got out of breath and broke out a sweat half way through...